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Doug Pederson to have Quarterback Decision by Friday

Doug Pederson seems to enjoy toying with the media. During his Tuesday presser, Pederson arrived 9 minutes late and said “he was speaking with the doctors”. Doug immediately let everyone know he was kidding and got on with the news.

The biggest news was of course surrounding the Eagles QB situation heading into week 1. Pederson let reporters and fans know that he will have an answer as to who his starting QB will be for week 1 by Friday. The caveat — he might not let anyone else know until 90 minutes before kickoff, when inactives are due.

As an Eagles fan we want the answer, but strategically Doug is doing what’s best. The Falcons might have an inclination who the starting QB will be, however they still have to respect the fact that another QB may suit up. Practicing for two QBs is tougher than practicing for one. Late last week we got a glimpse of angry Doug, and now we're getting a view of sly Doug.

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