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Doug Pederson Says He Helped Recruit Bryce Harper to the Phillies

After a free agency that dragged on for far too long, last month the Philadelphia Phillies landed a contract superstar Bryce Harper. So what does this have to do with the Eagles? Well, the Phillies have Doug Pederson to thank for Harper deciding to come to Philadelphia (kinda....but not really).

Today at the NFL's annual league meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, Doug Pederson sat down with media members and answered any/all questions they could think of. The topic of Bryce Harper was brought up, and Pederson was quick to say he recruited the 26-year-old outfielder to come to the city of brotherly love.

Did Harper really wait months on end just to wait for the Eagles head coach to tell him where to sign? Probably not, but I like to think so. Maybe Harper will be Pederson's guest for a game at be Lincoln Financial Field in December, fresh off a World Series victory.

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