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Doug Pederson Makes List of Top 50 Coaches in Professional Sports

Doug Pederson did what no other coach in Eagles history was able to do before him: bring home a Lombardi Trophy. Because of being able to lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl championship in two years at the helm, many fans and some analysts view him as one of the top coaches in football, and ESPN has done a new, unique survey that has confirmed that.

ESPN asked a panel of "cross-sport experts" to rank the top 50 coachesin all of the four major professional sports in North America. It was stressed that this was not a single-game exercise but was about "building a program," and that the experts were allowed to consider age as part of their criteria in who they picked.

Pederson landed at #15 overall, which is a pretty solid ranking. The only NFL coaches ahead of him were Andy Reid (#11 overall), Sean McVay (#3) and Bill Belichick (#1 overall).

With Reid having never won a Super Bowl title, Pederson could have easily been ranked higher than him. The only reason that McVay was ranked higher than Pederson was because of how young he is, and that he could potentially be around 20-30 years longer than anyone else on the list. So it could be argued that Pederson could have been (or should have been) ranked as the second highest football coach on the list, only behind Belichick (who Pederson beat in the Super Bowl).

If Pederson has another successful run this season that end with either a trip to the Super Bowl or another Lombardi Trophy, he will definitely be ranked higher next year if the experts are asked again to come up with this list.

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