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Doug Pederson: Last Man Standing

Philadelphia, if you love the Eagles, LEMME GET A HELL YEAH!

After miraculously beating the Rams and Texans to keep hope alive and less miraculously beating the Redskins, the Eagles are headed to the 2018 NFC Playoffs. With a little help from the Bears win over the Vikings, the Eagles once again rallied behind Nick Foles in what was basically their third unofficial playoff game. The Eagles have now made two consecutive postseason appearances under Doug Pederson since his hire in 2016.

Here’s a look at what happened to the other 2016 coaching hires -- all of whom were graded as better coaches than Doug Pederson at the time:

  • Adam Gase: Fired today, 12/31/18

  • Mike Mularkey: Fired

  • Hue Jackson: Fired

  • Chip Kelly: Fired

  • Dirk Koetter: Fired

  • Ben McAdoo: Fired

Granted, those coaches were hired in places like Cleveland and Miami where the football gods have not blessed in quite some time. Still the point remains, those coaches were a collective 77-118-1 with three playoff appearance between three different coaches.

Meanwhile, our own Doug Pederson has 2 playoff appearances alone, won the Super Bowl, and did all of that with backup quarterback Nick Foles at the helm.

I'm sure Ian O'Connor would like a re-do on his best new head coaches of 2016 list.

Pederson is good, but trust me, we’re not done yet!

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