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Doug Pederson is Ready to Throw JJAW Into the Deep End

After a stellar preseason that generated a lot of hype, J.J. Arcega-Whiteside has had a rookie season from hell. The 2nd-round draft pick was supposed to be a redzone threat and also provide some relief for Alshon Jeffery. So far in 2019 he has barely seen the field, and even when he sees the field he has dropped a potential game-winning touchdown while also running some poor routes.

With the Eagles sitting at 5-6 and the offense playing like a Pop Warner offense, the team will need some sort of spark if they still have hope to make the playoffs. This is exactly why Doug Pederson has decided to throw blindly at a dartboard to see what sticks, as he now plans on getting JJAW regular time on offense for the rest of the season.

If both Jeffery and Nelson Agholor are active for the Miami Dolphins game, that means JJAW will most likely be the "Z" receiver on the field, which was supposed to be DeSean Jackson's role in this offense. After playing just 32% of the offensive snaps (249 overall), it's been hard for him to find a rhythm. Five straight weeks of playing regularly should help the team find out exactly what they have in the rookie receiver, even if he isn't playing in his natural "X" position.

If JJAW wants a future with the Eagles, he will certainly have to improve his route-running as well as his measly five receptions for 86 yards. A tanking Dolphins defense should be a poor enough opponent for him to get the ball rolling.



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