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Doug Pederson is Onboard With Getting Josh Adams More Carries

After finding an undrafted free agent gem in Corey Clement last season, it seems like the Eagles have found another one. Yesterday's game in London saw the Eagles give Josh Adams a lot more playing time than previous games this season. Adams ended up with nine carries for 61 yards, and was impressive throughout the entire game.

When asked about him in his press conference today, Doug Pederson praised Adams while comparing him to Jay Ajayi and former Eagle LeGarrette Blount.

It sounds like they found a gameplay that works to involve Adams more in the running game, so in future games there could be more times where Adams becomes the main running back in use. A few weeks ago Corey Clement told Howie Roseman he didn't need to trade for a running back, with the impression that he was good enough to carry the Eagles running game. In the two games since he made that statement to Roseman, Clement has had 12 rushes for 12 yards.

So the Eagles might have found a running back they can use more and rely on, but it seems like they are going to focus on Adams in the future and not Clement.

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