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Doug Pederson Asked Frank Reich for Help This Week

The Eagles have a tall task in front of them as they face off against a Houston Texans team that has won 10 of their last 11 games. Doug Pederson knows he will need his best gameplay possible to secure a victory and keep Philadelphia's playoff hopes alive, which is why he has reportedly reached out for some advice from a familiar face - Colts head coach Frank Reich.

Reich's Colts are the only to beat the Texans since September 24th, so Pederson is hoping that Reich can tell him what he thinks the Eagles should do to gameplay against the Texans.

So far this week, the Eagles have used a variety of skill-players play the role of Deshaun Watson at practice. This might be something that pays off for the Eagles, as last year they had a hard time containing Russell Wilson when the team travelled to Seattle. The defensive line constantly beat the Seahawks offensive line that night, but Wilson used his speed to evade them and extend plays and get first downs to keep drives alive. The cornerbacks will have a hard enough time trying to contain DeAndre Hopkins, so the linebackers and defensive ends will need to do a good job on Sunday spying on Watson and keeping him in the pocket as much as possible so Fletcher Cox can get some hits on him.

If Reich's advice ends up working out and helps the Eagles potentially go on another playoff run, maybe the organization will gift Reich with another Super Bowl ring.

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