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Don't Overthink This Pick

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Trade up, trade down, stay at 21? Howie, I know you can't hear me and I know you could care less what anyone in the media may be suggesting, but if you could clairvoyantly hear me, I would beg of you to please not overthink this draft. I will try connecting with you via paranormal phenomena, but if we get disconnected I wanted you to know this.

Do whatever it takes to vault up into the Top 10 and grab Oklahoma wideout CeeDee Lamb. For those of you not fully aware, Lamb will likely be wearing a gold jacket in Canton, Ohio one day. This fellow is the constant big-play threat. He gained an absurb 21.4 yards-per-catch for the Sooners last season. His strength and athleticism are off the charts. He dismantles defenders from his body as if they were nothing more than particles of dust. Many already compare him to DeAndre Hopkins. Howie, please just throw every ounce of your caution to the wind and move up.

You will have a few partners who will enjoy what you have to offer...your 21st pick, your second round (#53) pick and lets say maybe a 4th or 5th round pick next year, That outta do it. C'com Howie, I know you love having those 8 picks this year and I know you gave up some picks to get a No. 1 corner in Darius Slay, but those Wentz to Lamb aerials are going to pay you back year after year.

It is customary that Eagles GM Howie Roseman enjoys taking his annual opportunity to out-smart the pack. Roseman wants Eagles nation and the other 31 general managers to believe that he knows more than anyone else. By stannding pat or trading down, it subliminally suggests to the other NFL clubs that you know something they do not.

Don't play that game this time. Package those picks and sweeten it until you run out of sugar to get this guy. Your fanbase will pay you back in merchandise sales alone.

Listen, we know you are a bright guy Howie. We know you generally know your stuff and have been doing a commendable overall job. We know you couldn't prevent a wrecking ball named Chip Kelly to come along and pounce on the delete button, sending much of your goodwill off into the night.

If Thursday's NFL draft was a high stakes blackjack game, Howie would want you to think he was going to take a hit on 21. And, that's okay because even with Zoom you still need that poker face.

Folks, Roseman and his sequestered squad need to go for broke on Thursday and TRADE UP to get the wide receiver who will carry us into the future with highlight film receptions.

This is THE BEST opportunity the Eagles will have in some time to give Carson Wentz that shiny new maserati he so richly deserves.

Howie, don't think twice. Don't overthink this pick.++

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