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Does Nelson Agholor Give Up Deliberately on a Pivotal Catch?

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Have you ever had a glimmer of hope just to have it taken away from you? Many Philadelphia Eagles fans got to share that feeling last night in a game up against the Dallas Cowboys.

After a devastating first half, there was nearly no positive outcome for the Eagles. Then in the fourth quarter, Carson Wentz soars a deep ball to Nelson Agholor approximately 60-yards down the field. It was like time slowed down and I could feel my heart pounding. Agholor fought to get open from the Cowboy's safety. He showed off his speed and took advantage of the match up and was wide open. You can see him running for the ball which was in front of him but still within reach. As the ball comes floating down Agholor reaches out for the ball (if this ball is caught it’s a definite touchdown) but as the ball gets closer it looks to be like Agholor deliberately pulls his hands back. This is when that glimmer of hope was ripped from my grasp as well as thousands of Eagles fans. The ball thuds against the ground for another key drop by Agholor in a disappointing effort on what looked like a relatively easy catch.

This is not the first key drop that Agholor has left on the field, but it is certainly the first one that seemed to have no effort on his part. This makes this article hard to write as a huge supporter of Agholor. To see the lack of playmaking ability after having two great seasons in 2017 and 2018 is disappointing, to say the least, but I’m sure no one is taking this as hard as the young receiver himself.

Whenever Agholor makes a mistake fans will tear him apart on social media and the news. He is his own worst enemy to the point that it could affect his confidence, or maybe he is losing his passion. One thing is for sure the receiver who has worked so hard and would get right up again and again after big drops certainly seemed to give up. Whether or not it was on purpose, we will never know.

Regardless, it was a devastating misconnection for the Eagles who were desperate for a spark. Whether it was an effort issue or a confidence/mental issue, again, we'll likely never know. But the video speaks volumes.

Agholor took to the media after the play saying “it was out of position” and he pretty much gave his all to track the ball down. It’s possible to say that had he been able to pull the ball in this would have certainly kept the Eagles in the game and given them the momentum.

For the Eagles, it just not hasn't come together for Agholor being the deep threat they were hoping to have when they drafted him in 2015. That’s what makes it hard to move on from a player with so much potential but after that play, it seems that is what he is was hoping for. I’m not sure anyone or anything is stopping him from leaving.

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