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Did SNF Just Hint That Carson Will Play Week 1?

“Let us know when you’re ready” is the first line from the new SNF ad for opening night, and Carson just so happened to be the one on the screen. Call us crazy, but did the team over at SNF just drop a hint? In the ad, instead of using footage of SB52 MVP Nick Foles, they chose Carson Wentz. Are we ready for the return of Carson Wentz?

The big storyline all offseason was centered around the health and return of Carson Wentz. This may have been SNF trying to tell us something, or they simply just thought that seeing Carson in midnight green would get Eagles fans riled up. Regardless, Birds fans everywhere deserve an answer.

One thing that is certain: on September 6th, when the Super Bowl 52 banner is raised, the Linc will be rocking.

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