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Devonta Smith's Comments Shows He is Ready to Handle Philadelphia

NFL prospects usually have a few obstacles in their way as they try to transition from the college game in their quest to become superstars in the pros. Players drafted to the Philadelphia Eagles have one extra hurdle they need to clear -- winning over an overly passionate and aggressive fanbase. We've seen in recent years that some players (especially wide receivers) that couldn't handle the pressure and criticism from fans -- Nelson Agholor had to see a sports psychologist, Denzel Mims was petrified of the possibility of being drafted here, and Jalen Reagor is trying to handle the burden of being a scapegoat for an underachieving rookie season.

With the selection of Heisman-winning WR Devonta Smith in the first-round, there were likely some fans that were nervous about his demeanor and mentality. In some quick-worded replies to questions asked last night, Smith put to bed any negative thoughts floating in Eagles fans' minds.

Smith carries a chip on his shoulder similar to the one Allen Iverson once had back in his playing days. Iverson had to win over Philadelphia fans even though he was constantly criticized for his stature. But his focused mentality allowed him to become a Basketball Hall of Famer. If Smith carries this same mentality throughout his football career, he could very well have a similar career to the one Iverson carved out, becoming a Philadelphia sports legend in the process.

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