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DeVonta Smith Appears to Be Frustrated With Offensive Play Calling

Albert Einstein famously said "insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". By that definition, Nick Sirianni is officially an insane play caller.

With just two running plays called in Week 3 against the Cowboys, it was expected that Sirianni would add more runs to his gameplan in the future. Instead it appears he is doubling down on avoiding running plays with his running backs.

Miles Sanders had just one rush in the first half of Thursday's game, and once again the offense stalled when the opposing defense knew what to expect. It was frustrating not only for the fans at Lincoln Financial Field, but also the players on the field. When heading to the locker room after the game, DeVonta Smith was on camera and it appears he was mouthing something about running the ball.

In his post-game press conference he claimed the Eagles are moving forward with the same game plan.

So far it doesn't seem like Sirianni has lost the locker room, but obviously repeating the same mistakes might lead to some frustration that could boil in the locker room.

Once again Nick, all of Philadelphia is asking you to...

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