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DeSean Jackson Set to Have Surgery, Availability For Rest of 2019 Up in the Air

After missing essentially eight straight games, DeSean Jackson made his return to the field on Sunday. His return lasted just four snaps, as he made his initial injury much worse.

Jackson reportedly tore his abdominal muscle completely off the bone, and will have surgery tomorrow morning. He'll miss a minimum of 4-6 weeks.

Other media outlets are speculating that Jackson won't return at all, so the speedy, aging receiver could be shelved for the remainder of 2019.

This is terrible news for an offense that seems to be struggling with its available wide receivers. Alshon Jeffery looks like molasses, Nelson Agholor seems to be back to his pre-2017 mental errors taking over, Mack Hollins is basically useless, and somehow J.J. Arcega-Whiteside is below what Hollins is.

With the Eagles set to have a bye week this coming weekend, it's worth questioning why the team allowed him to return for one game before the bye week, rather than let him have two more weeks of recovery before coming back in Week 11 vs. New England.

It's also worth questioning why the team initially tried to cover up his injury. During the game Doug Pederson said it was a precautionary reason because he felt discomfort. This morning Pederson again had a chance to come clean about Jackson during his press conference, but he didn't spill the beans then either. It took a media outlet source to bring this information to light. Only after then did the Eagles release a statement about what has been happening with Jackson.

This has just been an all-around mess from the upper management, from the medical staff, and even from DeSean himself (who could have elected to have the surgery right after Week 2).

One thing is for certain, the Eagles will need to address the wide receiver the position in the offseason, whether it be free agency or the draft.

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