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DeSean Jackson and Michael Vick Ban Chip Kelly From Their Autograph Signing

Updated: May 8, 2019

Today in Chester, Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson and former Eagles quarterback Michael Vick held an autograph signing at DTLR VILLA. While many people can to meet both players and get their autographs, there was one person who was not allowed to enter the establishment: Chip Kelly.

This sign was posted on the store's window:

Jackson has a lot to be pissed about when it comes to Chip Kelly.  The former Eagles head coach cut ties with Jackson and forced him to leave a place Jackson started to consider his home. Instead Jackson had to spend a few miserable years in Washington D.C. and Tampa Bay before finally being able to return to Philly this offseason.

Vick on the other hand doesn't really have much to be mad at when it comes to Kelly. He was able to win the starting quarterback position in 2013 over Nick Foles and Matt Barkley, but he lost his starting job once his chronic injuries got to him and Nick Foles went on a historic run under center.

Kelly was doubtful to show up, as he's currently on the other side of the country putting together a mediocre 3-9 UCLA football team.



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