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Denzel Mims Proves He's Softer Than Charmin After Calling Philly a "Trash City"

In the leadup to April's NFL Draft, Baylor's Denzel Mims was regarded as one of the top receiving prospects available. Of course with the Eagles' troubles at the wide receiver position in 2019, the team checked out almost every top pass catcher, including Mims.

Apparently the city of Philadelphia left an impression on 22-year-old, but not a good one. While recently streaming while playing a video game, Mims was asked about his visit to Philly. His response? "I didn’t like that dirty ass, trash ass city.”

Of course with these comments, Mims is trying to paint himself as some sort of tough guy that will talk about whatever is on his mind and not care about anything "haters" will say.

Unfortunately for Mims, he must have forgotten about the interview he did with Philly media back in April. When asked about his experience in Philly in that interview, Mims said he was "very scared" of the city and saw a lot of people that "looked scary" so in his eyes the visit to Philly was a bad experience.

Eagles fans should be glad that the team skipped over him twice in the draft, as Mr. Softee would have crumbled playing in a city he was terrified off in front of fans that scared him; Don't let him try to fool you with that "trash ass" back-peddle he is trying to give.

The best part of all of this is that Mims has the audacity to call *any* city trash when the town he grew up in (Daingerfield, Texas; population: ~3,500) looks like a place only truckers stop in to take a whiz on the side of the road. Seriously, look at how desolate and dusty the place Mims calls home looks like:

The annual preseason game between the Birds and the New York Jets was supposed to take place at Lincoln Financial Field. Unfortunately for Eagles fans (but fortunate for Mims) it appears the game won't take place this year as the league is preparing for a shortened preseason.

Next year everything should return to normal and Eagles fans will get a chance to give Mims a piece of their mind (even though it'll only be in the preseason). If fans want to hassle Mims in a regular-season matchup between the two teams, they will have to wait until 2023. Although I predict by then that Denzel Mims will be out of the NFL, as I don't see how a man that is this soft and offended by a city can survive as a professional football player.


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