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Dallas Goedert Loses $1,000 Bet to Carson Wentz

Sports gambling is one of the biggest crazes in the world right now, with billions of dollars being put into seeing which teams will win or which teams will cover the spread.

It appears that Carson Wentz and Dallas Goedert have gotten into the spirit of gambling, as they decided to bet on their alma matters in their yearly matchup which took place on Saturday: North Dakota State vs. South Dakota State.

Wentz's old squad took the win over Goedert's old squad 23-16, which meant that Goedert had to fork up some serious cash. The cash was invested wisely though, as Goedert is snowing sending $1,000 to North Dakota State's football program.

This is the second straight year of what will appear to be a yearly friendly wager between the two Dakota boys. Last year Wentz was also victorious, and made Goedert wear some NDSU gear and purchase a NDSU Wentz bobblehead.

With NDSU winning 12 of the last 14 games against SDSU, Goedert might have to get used to making some hefty donations to his rival university.



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