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The D-line is Flatlining

The Philadelphia Eagles went from having one of the best defensive lines in the NFL to being only three games in and having the least amount of sacks in Eagles history since sacks have been recorded in 1982.

There isn't just one problem with this team, but I recall screaming at the TV about the defensive line letting people run right through them more than anything else. How can men so big just stand around and watch as the ball is being ran right between you. Make a tackle, that's what your being paid to do.

As a die hard Eagles fan, my job is to not get discouraged too early and try to see the light in the bad. However, this defensive line doesn't have many bright spots to shine. And like I said, it's not just one person or the other, the wide receivers need to make catches and hold onto to the ball, the defensive backs need to cover better and the defensive line needs to tackle and get to the quarterback. This team needs to get it together and quick because two of our next four games are against undefeated teams at the moment.

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