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Cre’Von Leblanc’s Future in Philly

Just eight short weeks ago, the Eagles were down 48-7 in a game against the New Orleans Saints. To add insult to injury (quite literally), the team was down to their 4th-string cornerback and guys signed off the streets two weeks prior. One of those signees was Cre’von LeBlanc, who Jim Schwartz didn’t even know of until he signed with the team.

You can’t blame Schwartz for not knowing who LeBlanc was. No one besides the Eagles’ scouts and his former teammates knew him.

Some Philadelphia sports talk show hosts dubbed him “Cre’Veon Bell” after the Saints game, where he was forced into action. However, Schwartz has sung his praise of LeBlanc this week, saying in short that without LeBlanc – he doesn’t know where the season would be.

LeBlanc has been a consistent contributor in the nickel corner spot for the Eagles while also coming up with big plays at opportune times. The first was a game saving pass breakup against Odell in the second Giants game. Without that victory, the season was all but over. The biggest play came against Anthony Miller in this past Sunday’s game where the officials weren’t sure whether to rule the play a catch/fumble or incompletion. Regardless, LeBlanc’s ability to rip the ball out of the receivers’ hands while going to the ground was huge as the game played out.

This weekend should prove to be a bigger test against one of the leagues best offenses, and LeBlanc is looking for his first interception in midnight green. Regardless of what happens Sunday, Cre'von Leblanc is expected to be in midnight green in 2019, as he is signed for the year under a team friendly $720,000.



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