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Cowboys Fans Are Getting the Karma They Brought on Themselves

The stage was set perfectly back in January. Coming off of four-straight division victories, Carson Wentz led an Eagles team filled with practice squad replacements to an NFC East title and the rights to a home playoff game. Wentz felt even more vindication at the time because he was able to play in all 16 regular-season games, something he had not done since his rookie campaign in 2016. Eagles haters across the country (especially Cowboys fans) mercilessly hounded Wentz and would constantly bring up the fact his season ended early two years in a row and taunt Wentz's proneness to injuries. Those people were silenced once Week 17 ended.

Unfortunately, Carson Wentz ended up taking an illegal hit to the head (which went unpenalized) from noted scumbag Jadeveon Clowney in the 1st quarter of the playoff game. A concussion forced Wentz to miss the remainder of the game, and backup Josh McCown just couldn't deliver a victory. The Eagles were eliminated and the Seattle Seahawks moved on to the next round.

That weekend was just the start of a new wave of criticism and jokes at the expense of Carson Wentz. Here's just a couple of examples of the memes making fun of Wentz's concussion:

Those people who made fun of Wentz and his injury history were tempting karma, and nine months later karma has reared its ugly head specifically on the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys, similar to the Eagles, have been dealing with major injuries all over the offense and defense so far in 2020. That was maximized when Dak Prescott went down with a freak ankle injury that will cause him to miss the rest of the season.

For the first time since 2015, the Cowboys had to rely on a backup quarterback to try to lead them to victories, which is something the Eagles have had to deal with for what feels like almost every season in the franchise's history.

For an extra dose of karma, Cowboys backup Andy Dalton suffered a concussion from an illegal hit in Sunday's game against Washington.

For some reason, NFL Memes didn't find Andy Dalton's concussion as funny as Carson Wentz's back in January...

Maybe if Cowboys fans kept their mouths shut back in January, their season wouldn't be unraveling from all of these injuries. Instead, to quote The Joker "you get what you deserve."

Karma's a bitch. Go Birds.

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