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Could Philadelphia Host Super Bowl in 2026?

Earlier today, a report came out that the Philadelphia Phillies will be hosting the MLB All-Star Game in 2026. So why would they be making an announcement for something so far into the future? Well that is because July 4th, 2026 will be the 250th anniversary of the United States declaring its Independence.

So what does that have to do with the Eagles? Well apparently another reason why the Phillies and MLB is making this announcement seven years early is because the city of Philadelphia wants to create some chaos and host all four professional sports' All-Star Games.

Of course the Pro Bowl isn't really a big deal in football these days, so maybe the city has its eyes on hosting football's biggest game - the Super Bowl. One of Jeffrey Lurie's goals as an NFL owner has been to host a Super Bowl at Lincoln Financial Field, so we know that he would be on board with this idea too. The NFL has already hosted a recent Super Bowl in cold outdoor venue at MetLife Stadium in 2014, and its success was good news for the future of Philadelphia's wishes of hosting a Super Bowl.

Who knows if the 2025 Eagles will be a good enough team to be in the 2026 Super Bowl, but we know that Eagles fans will be dreaming of that scenario if this dream of hosting a Super Bowl comes true.

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