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Corey Graham Admits to Costly Mistake in Titans Game

The Eagles brought back Safety Corey Graham for one more season before he decides to retire from the game of football. Last season, Graham was a solid piece of the Eagles defense that helped bring home the first Lombardi Trophy in franchise history. Signing him again was a no-brainer, figuring his veteran presence would help the team once again. But when he was forced a bigger role in Sunday's game against the Titans, Graham made an obvious error in coverage that kept the Titans alive in the game and eventually lead to the Eagles loss in overtime.

During an interview after the game on Sunday, Graham told reporters that he knows he needs to be smarter in the future on plays like that:

"You've got to know that they've got to go deep. There's no reason for me to be at 10 yards when we know they are going to throw 15, 20 (yards). They're going to throw it behind the sticks, so to me, it's just a dumb play by me. You've got to be a lot smarter than that, play the situation and it's a play I think I should be at least be able to make them put a lot of air into [the pass] and make a spectacular throw."

The Eagles worked out a pair of safeties on Monday, which could possibly mean the Eagles want to move Graham back to his role as the third Safety. If the team ends up not signing either Safety they work out, they might keep Graham in the same role he had against the Titans, but scheduled these workouts to let Graham know he is on a short leash.

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