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Corey Clement is Emerging After a Slow Start to the Season

Corey Clement hasn't had the sophomore season that we were all expecting. In Week 3, he popped up on the Eagles' injury report with a quad injury. Clement ended up playing against the Colts that weekend, but would winded up missing the next two weeks because of the nagging injury.

Ever since he returned in Week 6, Clement hasn't looked the same as he did last year. From Week 6 to Week 11, he ended up averaging just 2.63 yards/carry and recorded only 40 receiving yards from the backfield. You have to wonder if that quad injury was lingering the whole season and was a reason why he hasn't been explosive.

Clement has come to life these past two weeks, which have been the two most important weeks of the season, gaining 150 total yards.

With Josh Adams becoming the team's lead back recently (and thriving), it's interesting to think what will happen in Sunday's game against the Cowboys. Will Josh Adams have a short leash and if he struggling will Clement become the lead back? Will things stay the same and Clement becomes a great change of pace running back while Josh Adams is still the workhorse. Doug Pederson will need a plan in place for the running backs that is effective on Sunday, or else the rest of the 2018 season will basically be an early offseason.

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