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Containing The Enemy: Evan Engram

The Eagles have a crucial NFC East matchup this week against the New York Giants. Even though the Eagles are sitting at the top of the division at 3-4-1, every team still has a shot to win the division, including the 2-7 Giants. The Birds have had their share of struggles so far this season, but the Giants are one of only a handful of teams that have struggled as much as or even more than them.

In their previous matchup between these two rivals we took a look at Darius Slayton, but his production has dwindled these past few weeks. The Giants do not have a clear-cut number one receiver, however, we could potentially see one emerge during this matchup. For the Eagles to come out on top, they will need to contain Evan Engram.

The injury to star running back Saquon Barkley has forced the Giants to change up their game plan and try to get their points through the air. In the last three weeks, Engram has led the team in targets with 29, resulting in 16 receptions for 155 yards and a touchdown. He was also half of a step away from being able to catch a pass in the last game against the Eagles that would have secured a Giants victory and Eagles loss. He has been able to have steady numbers even with the team's quarterback and offensive line struggles.

The way to win this game is to shadow Engram and have Jones throw into a tight window. Jones has more interceptions (9) than touchdown passes (8) this season, so him throwing the ball into a tight window will allow the Eagles a chance for some interceptions on Sunday. Their offensive line will breakdown and Jones will have to leave the pocket, the key to this game will be to not let up on defense downfield. Jones will force throws and those throws are the ones you have to make him regret.

Keeping Engram trapped in tight coverage will also make Jones have to look at and throw to other targets, and the Giants do not have a strong receiving unit. Aside from Engram, the Birds may have to keep an eye on Sterling Shepherd. He is the only receiver on the Giants with more yards in the last three games than Engram, however, he has fewer targets. Force the Giants to make mistakes, and it will allow the Eagles offense to capitalize with more drives in great field position, which means more potential points.

All negative stats aside, we can’t overlook the fact that the Giants have been playing better in recent weeks as opposed to early in the season. The Eagles are still all around the better team and should come out of this game with the win as long as they keep Evan Engram in check.



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