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Containing the Enemy: Antonio Gibson

The last Eagles game of the season will be against the Washington Football Team. Washington will win the division if they are able to beat the Eagles. They aren't a top offensive team, but they are able to win games because they have a solid defense. With that being said, their offense still has a couple of solid players that you can’t forget about. When playing against Washington this weekend, the Eagles will need to be able to contain Antonio Gibson if he is healthy enough to play.

Gibson has been a shining light to an offense that has shown struggles. So far this season Gibson is averaging 4.8 yards per carry and has a total of 720 rushing yards this season. He also has 35 receptions for 241 yards to help the struggling passing attack. The big stat about Gibson is that he has 11 rushing touchdowns. He also has four games with over 100 total yards.

The rookie running back has been able to keep Washington in their games and even put them over the top in some of them. He isn’t the biggest name to think about, but when not contained he is able to wreak havoc on opposing defenses. The Eagles have a much better chance defending against their lacking pass attack and they should be able to have some key stops. With Fletcher Cox out, the Eagles will have to rely on Javon Hargrave and Malik Jackson to stuff the middle of the defensive line.

It can be a long game if Gibson is able to get going, and if the Eagles want to end the season with a win then they will need to contain Gibson and force Washington to spread the ball around.

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