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Comparing Eagles Players to Game of Thrones Characters

With the 8th and final season of Game of Thrones just seven days away, many GOT fans are eager to see how the roller coaster story wraps up. Who will survive, the living or the dead? Who becomes the heir to the throne? So many questions unanswered. Similar to the Eagles player development, the character development in Game of Thrones is one of the main reasons the show is as successful as it is. The peaks and troughs each character has gone through, reminds us of the career development of some of our beloved Eagles. Of course, this is in the sense that we all have peaks and troughs, and that the Eagles go to war for 16-20 weeks per year; sans the incest, and dragon riding.

With the obvious comparisons between the Philadelphia Eagles and Game of Thrones, take a look at these not so obvious Eagles/character comparisons. These can be Eagles players, coaches, or front office members from the recent past and present.

Carson Wentz | Jon Snow

Alright, this one was an obvious comparison. The biggest reason this comparison works is because Carson Wentz has proven that he is the rightful heir to the Eagles QB throne. Over the offseason, Wentz beat out Nick Foles as the rightful heir to the QB throne, and is likely going to sign a long-term deal with the team soon. Other comparisons between Snow and Wentz are that they are both true leaders, have dashing charm, and both can hunt.

Nick Foles | Daenerys Targaryen

Foles and Dany both came in to save the day in their respective scenarios. Foles came in with four weeks left in the regular season to lead the Eagles to their first Super Bowl. Daenerys flew a dragon 700mph to save Jon Snow and friends from being eaten alive by the Knight King and his white walkers (for now). The real reason this comparison works so well is because it is my belief that neither of these two are the heirs to the throne. What is known for certain is that Nick Foles was allowed to walk in FA, and evidently not the heir to the Eagles QB throne. While Daenerys claims that she is the rightful heir to the throne, it is my belief that Jon Snow is the true heir to the throne (as mentioned before).

Chip Kelly | Joffrey Baratheon

This one feels good. Chip, a know-it-all snot nosed brat has many similarities to Joffrey. Both are "my way or the highway" types, that will get rid of those who go against them. Both don't care about others, and want all of the control themselves. Both suffered unexpected exits from their respective situations. This might be the best comparison of the list.

Darren Sproles | Tyrion Lannister

Aside from being short, Tyrion and Sproles actually have a lot in common. While Sproles is an X-Factor on the field, Tyrion is also an X-Factor throughout the show. While Tyrion develops from season to season, he is always judged on his stature. He is constantly called a "dwarf" and looked down upon. Darren Sproles has been looked at similarly throughout his career. First in San Diego, the Chargers let Sproles walk in free agency where he ended up landing with the Saints. After three years, New Orleans traded Sproles for a 5th-round pick to the Eagles where he found his home. Sproles was never a three-down back, which limited how teams looked at him. At the end of the day, Sproles has always been his QBs right hand man. Similarly, Tyrion has been the right hand man to Dany and Jaime Lannister.

Howie Roseman | Brann Stark

Howie was on a fast path to being compared to Theon Grayjoy, but made an epic comeback as a three-eyed-raven - Bran. Howie seems to be able to foresee things with the cap, free agency, and draft capital that other GMs just can't.

Nelson Agholor | Arya Stark

Agholor's cut up celebration made this comparison pretty easy. When you think about it more, these two are very alike, especially as Arya's character developed. Agholor is a quick and agile receiver that leverages those strengths to produce. Arya, is a quick and agile fighter, and uses her smaller sword "Needle". Another comparison is the fact that during his first two seasons, Agholor seemed to be a WR that was lost. He could not find his place on the team and went on a journey to find himself, one offseason. This is similar to Arya, with her "A girl has no name" journey. Agholor was "A WR has no name", and then found his role.

Jason Peters | Gregor Clegane

This is another very simple comparison. JP is nicknamed "The Body Guard" and Greygor is Cersei's body guard. Simple, yet on point.

Lane Johnson | Sandro Clegene

Sandro enjoys drinking and throwing people around. Lane Johnson seems to enjoy a bit of drinking, and DEFINITELY enjoys throwing defenders around.

Lesean McCoy | Robb Stark

While Shady and Robb were both on their way to becoming great leaders for their respective teams/families - they were "removed" from them. Shady was unexpectedly traded, in one of the worst trades of all time. Stark was killed in one of the most epic episodes of any show of all time.  It's an interesting situation of "what if" if both stuck around a little bit longer.

Season 8 Predictions

Jon and Daenerys have a baby, and Jon Snow dies. The baby becomes the heir to the throne and the living somehow defeats the dead. This also leads me to another comparison!

Jon Snow dies - Carson Wentz gets injured and is "injury prone".  The Eagles don't resign him, and end up drafting Trevor Lawrence. Trevor Lawrence is Jon&Dany's baby - the TRUE HEIR TO THE THRONE. After all, we are just talking Game of Thrones and this is just fantasy, right?

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