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Chris Long Has a Shrine of Nick Foles in His Locker

When it comes to Nick Foles, it seems Eagles defensive end Chris Long is like all Eagles fans and sees him as a god. Today when walking around the Eagles lock room, beat writers discovered that Long has a shrine dedicated to the Eagles backup quarterback.

Long was first teammates with Foles back in 2015 when they were both on the St. Louis Rams, which is why the shrine shows a picture of Foles in Rams gear. During Super Bowl LII we learned that Long thinks Nick Foles is the GOAT, but now we know that Long wasn't kidding about thinking of him as the greatest of all-time. Long got others in on the fun and had Fletcher Cox light some of the candles today.

If Nick Foles can lead the Eagles to a playoff berth in the next two weeks, Long's shrine of Foles might double in size.

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