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Chris Long Calls Out Every Analyst Who Criticized Carson Wentz's Concussion

After completing his second 16 game regular season in four years, Carson Wentz was ready to prove to the world that he isn't made of glass and can play well in the postseason. Unfortunately, due to a cheap shot delivered by the ever-gracious Jadeveon Clowney, Wentz's first-career postseason game was cut short.

Wentz critics who were silenced after he led the Eagles to four straight divisional wins to win the NFC East quickly came out of their sewers to try to bring back the "Wentz is always hurt" claims. Former Eagle Chris Long was having none of that nonsense.

First up was known Wentz-criticizer Josina Anderson. Anderson was having a discussion with former NFL receiver Torry Holt Sunday afternoon. After Wentz suffered his concussion, Holt (in a since deleted tweet) said to Josina "It's always something with Wentz...", to which Josina had a snarky reply.

Her tweet has still yet to be deleted.

Long defended Wentz by calling out Josina, telling all current NFL players to stay away from her.

Long also went after former NFL quarterback Danny Kanell (who had more interceptions than touchdowns in his career). Kanell had the audacity to say Wentz isn't built for the NFL.

Long pointed out Kanell's "dogshit" point...

Last but not least, Long went after Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus. Here's the initial opinion that sparked a reply from Long.

Long's response:

Just five minutes after Long called him out (and five hours after we knew Wentz was confirmed to have suffered a concussion), Monson issued a poor attempt at an apology.

So what did we learn on Sunday night? People all across the NFL love to criticize Wentz's health whenever they possibly can. Those people now know the repercussions of sharing their trash opinions -- Chris Long will call you out on your BS.



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