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Chicago Brewery Hosts Field Goal Challenge, Goes the Way You Think

The city of Chicago still collectively has their jaws dropped from Cody Parkey's missed/tipped game-winning field-goal attempt. The people of that city are still trying to find ways to move on from what happened, but not before a smart promotion by a local brewery.

The Goose Island Beer Co. hosted a field-goal kicking contest outside of their building on Saturday. The brewery was offering anyone who made the 43-yard attempt (the same distance as Parkey's failed attempt) a free airfare, hotel and tickets to any regular-season NFL game next season.

So did anyone actually make their field-goal attempt? Well......

Obviously weather conditions played a big part in that failure, but maybe the weather for that day was karma for fans thinking they could hit clutch field-goals at the last-second of a playoff game.

The best part is, that wasn't even the most-hilarious attempt of the day. That award goes to this gentleman who wanted to limit a poor man's possibilities of raising future Bears fans of his own.

Because no one successfully put a field-goal through the uprights, the brewery announced plans to donate $20,000 to Lurie Children’s Hospital, which company officials said is Parkey’s charity of choice.

Good for them on turning this into a positive, and letting Bears fans get a chance laugh at themselves at attempting to do better than a player on their favorite team.

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