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Carson Wentz Subtly Hints He Wants A Kelly Green Comeback

Carson Wentz was victorious in his return to the football field on Sunday, defeating Andrew Luck's Colts 20-16. While he was playing the game in a midnight green jersey, Carson Wentz made two subtle hints that he would like to play a game (or more) in a kelly green jersey.

The first hint came when Wentz arrived to the stadium early Sunday morning. He walked into the stadium wearing a kelly green blazer.

Although the blazer itself isn't really subtle, there was a little extra detail he had attached to the blazer - a throwback pin.

A pin supporting kelly green helmets? Now that is a good way to stir some Eagles fans up.

Ever since the team switched from kelly green to midnight green in 1996, it seems like half of the fan base wants to revert back to the "throwback" color, while the other half of the fan base wants to leave the past in the past and keep the midnight green, especially because the team's first Super Bowl victory came while wearing their midnight green jerseys.

Another hint took place while Wentz was on the field during warmups. Wentz likes to promote his AO1 foundation during warmups, and today was no exception. The difference today though was that his AO1 shirt was - you guessed it - kelly green.

photo via Delaware Online

Owner Jeffrey Lurie has made it known he would like to bring kelly green jerseys back as an alternate jersey, but the NFL has a weird/dumb rule that has to do with not switching helmets during a season. So the Eagles could actually use the kelly green jerseys whenever they want now, but would have to keep their midnight green helmets - which would clash and not be aesthetically pleasing.

With the franchise quarterback also on board for bringing kelly green back in some aspect, it seems an Eagles game with kelly green jerseys being worn could be right around the corner if the NFL figures out their helmet situation.



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