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Carson Wentz's Teammates React To Contract Extension

Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles made news Thursday night when they announced a four-year, $128 million extension that will keep Wentz in midnight green through 2024.

While injuries remain a concern, Wentz has shown that he can be an MVP-caliber player when healthy and we know the importance of having an entrenched franchise quarterback to NFL teams. There's nothing worse than going through a carousel of quarterbacks waiting to find "the guy." We know that Wentz, when healthy, is "the guy" in Philadelphia.

It was also wise of the Eagles to sign Wentz before guys like Dak Prescott and Jared Goff receive their deals. Rather than reacting to, and likely needing to exceed, whatever number those quarterbacks end up getting, the Eagles have instead helped set the market.

The news naturally caused quite a stir, and Wentz's Eagles teammates took to Twitter to express congratulations and excitement.

It's great to see the excitement and support coming from Wentz's teammates as the Eagles prepare to embark on what they hope will be an incredibly special season. Hopefully it's a sign that the culture and camaraderie that helped the Eagles to the Super Bowl is still in tact and thriving.

Regardless, the news of the contract extension and subsequent reaction from some of Wentz's teammates serves to up the anticipation for the start of Training Camp.

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