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Carson Wentz On Pace to Have Most Accurate Passing Season in Eagles History

Carson Wentz is and will be an MVP-caliber quarterback for the foreseeable future. Just when you think that he can't improve much from what he already is, he is showing that he is improved in one important area of his game: his accuracy.

So far in 2018, Wentz has not had a game with a completion percentage lower than 66%. In his four games this season, Wentz has averaged a 68.4% completion percentage. If he were to keep that pace for the entire season, he would shatter the current Eagles single-season completion record set by Sam Bradford in 2015 (65%).

Before this season, Wentz was average in terms of accuracy, averaging a 61.3% completion percentage in his first two years. Quarterbacks coach Press Taylor thinks Wentz has improved his accuracy so drastically this season due to the stability of the Eagles' offense along with his comfort with the offense.

"This is year three in the offense, year three playing in the NFL for him, just the maturation of understanding when Coach [Doug Pederson] calls a play pass, I don't have to throw down the field."

Chemistry has been continuously growing between Wentz and Zach Ertz, Alshon Jeffery, Nelson Agholor, Corey Clement and Dallas Goedert. With all of those players being a part of the Eagles for the foreseeable future, Wentz will only continue becoming more accurate and becoming a better overall player.

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