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Carson Wentz is on Pace for a Historically (and Humiliatingly) Bad Season

This was supposed to be the year that Carson Wentz showed the world not only that he could stay healthy, but that he could be considered one of the best quarterbacks in the entire NFL. That goal has been tossed and stomped on like a barely-lit cigarette.

Week after week after week after week football audiences have watched Carson Wentz play reckless football. Constant fumbles, interceptions, and indecisions leading to sacks have caused Wentz to be on pace to make the history books.....but not the part Eagles fans wanted to see him in.

Wentz has taken 40 sacks this season (already the most he has taken in a season in his five-year career). With just six games left, that means he is on pace for 64 sacks taken, which would be the 4th-most ever taken in a season. The only other quarterbacks that'd be higher than that pace are:

David Carr - 76 sacks (2002 Houston Texans)

Randall Cunningham - 72 sacks (1986 Philadelphia Eagles)

David Carr - 68 sacks (2005 Houston Texans)

Obviously, sacks can't solely be blamed on the quarterback. The offensive line has been a carousel this year thanks to numerous injuries, and that lack of chemistry (and talent) has caused opposing defensive lineman to have career days this year when facing the Eagles. Still, it's hard to imagine that Philadelphia's offensive line has fallen to the worst in the league after constantly being considered the top unit in the entire league these past few seasons. Coming close to that 76 sack number put up by the expansion-era Houston Texans is straight-up embarrassing and humiliating.

If you weren't depressed enough yet, here are a few other "fun facts" involving Carson Wentz, who is mentioned with David Carr too often to feel comfortable with.

The fun part of all of this? Carson Wentz's mega-contract just started, meaning the Eagles are stuck with Wentz for at least the next two seasons even if he continues this awful play into next season. If he doesn't flip the script fast, Eagles fans will be praying he pulls an Andrew Luck this offseason...

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