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Carson Wentz is not the Eagles Problem as the Team goes 1-2

Eagles fans all over social media has seen other fans gripping and moaning about Carson Wentz. There are some fans that will argue that Wentz is over-rated and is even the team’s problems as to why they fell against the Lions yesterday bringing their record to 1-2. I’m not sure what quarterback they are watching, or if they are even watching the games, but Carson is not the problem. The stats tell the story.

As Dave Zangaro stated in a tweet, Wentz currently has a higher passer rating than he did in the 2017 super bowl winning season. In 2017 Wentz’s passer rating was 272.57 (90.9/game) and his 2019 rating so far is 276.9 (92.3/game). Just imagine what he could do playing the way he is right now if he had all of his weapons. We were really missing DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery yesterday.

The Eagles receivers yesterday dropped seven passes. SEVEN. That is what cost them the game. Nelson Agholor dropped two passes and had a fumble, too. Zach Ertz, Dallas Goedert, Mack Hollins, and Jordan Howard all had a drop as well during this Sunday’s loss to the Lions. The play that really boils my blood though is the pass to JJ Arcega-Whiteside with under a minute left in a game. It was the play where Wentz through the rookie receiver a deep pass that could have won the Eagles the game, but instead the ball went through his hands and hit the ground. If Arcega-Whiteside would have caught that ball, he could have scored, or given us the chance to kick a field goal to send the game to overtime.

This loss hurts more than last week, because we should have won this game. We could have won this game if the receivers did their jobs and caught the ball when we needed them to most. The offense had so many chances to get this game back in the win column and for the team to go 2-1 rather than 1-2. It is irritating, I get it, but this loss was not on Wentz. He played his heart out and that is all we can ask. In yesterday’s game he threw for 259 yards and completed 19 of 36 attempted throws. Just imagine if there were not seven drops in yesterday game. Wentz can’t throw the ball and catch it, too. We need our receivers to do their jobs and catch the ball.

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