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Carson Wentz Is Light-Years Better Than Dak Prescott

Back in 2016, Dak Prescott got off to a hot start and caught national attention, causing him to become a sensation. That same year Carson Wentz had a season that didn't really stand-out, but still showed potential. Cowboys fans took this time to brag about how they found their franchise Quarterback in the 4th round of the draft, while the Eagles traded up for their franchise Quarterback. however, in the time since that season things have turned 180 degrees.

Carson Wentz had an MVP-caliber season last year before tearing his ACL. He still ended up getting his first Super Bowl ring in the process. Dak Prescott fell from grace and had a sophomore slump, failing to lead the Cowboys anywhere.

The trend from last year has appeared to carry over to this season, as Carson Wentz has been off to an explosive start in his return from his injury, and Dak Prescott continues to struggle while leading the Cowboys to a .500 record.

When comparing Carson Wentz to Dak Prescott over their past 16 games, it shows just how much of a difference there is between the two players.

The Cowboys fans who wanted Tony Romo gone got their wish when they brought in Dak Prescott to be their new commander, but so far it seems like that was a terrible mistake for them. On the other hand, right now the Eagles are in the middle of a quest to repeat as Super Bowl Champions. The Eagles will be in conversations for the Lombardi Trophy every season with Wentz under center.

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