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Carson Wentz Has Played At MVP Level Late in the Past Two Games

This is an article I hope that all the Carson Wentz haters see (yeah, I'm talking to the people that constantly comment saying we should have kept Nick Foles). It's time to admit Wentz is the future and we have a bright future with him.

This season has gone nothing like what I thought it would be, but with no real talent at the offensive skill positions, Wentz has been spectacular the the last two games, especially in the 4th quarter and overtime. His stats from those three combined quarters are borderline perfect.

In this last win against the Washington Redskins, he had two touchdowns in the last quarter that helped the Eagles playoff hopes stay alive. One was to Zach Ertz and the other was to Greg Ward. The throw to Ward was especially impressive because it was thrown so that only Ward could make the catch. I remember sitting on the edge of my seat hoping it would find its way, and boy was it a perfect throw.

Going back to the MNF game, Wentz had two touchdown passes, one of them resulted in the Eagles tying the game to send it to overtime. A beautiful pass to a wide open Ertz in overtime secured a much-needed victory for the Birds (I bet the Giants will be reviewing that play for years to come).

He is showing flashes of playing at an MVP-caliber like he did in 2017. Trust me, I wish this type of play started earlier, but with the season on the line it is great to see him playing his best football right now.

I know there are Eagles fans that are still not happy with what they are seeing from Wentz this season, and I agree that some plays (like overthrows and ugly fumbles) are solely on #11. But if the Eagles are going to make it to the playoffs, I'm confident in the player that Wentz has been these last two games to lead this team of underdogs to at least not go down without a fight.

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