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Carson Wentz Has Cool Hand Painted Spikes For His Return

The day has finally come. After 286 days, Carson Wentz will be playing at quarterback for the Eagles against the Colts this afternoon.

Wentz is not known to be a flashy player when it comes to on-the-field flare like necklaces or earrings, but today he will be wearing some pretty cool spikes in his much-anticipated return.

Wentz will be wearing these spikes with his 'Thy Kingdom Crumb' food truck logo plastered on during pregame warmups. Also included on the spikes are a Bible verse and other small, but meaningful, details. Wentz announced the launch of his food truck/charity this offseason at his first annual softball game at Citizens Bank Park. Wentz's food truck will be traveling Philadelphia and it's neighboring towns to help feed the hungry.

Kudos to Wentz for thinking like a business man. He knows all eyes will be on him from the moment he steps on the field, even for warmups. With all those eyes on him, he gets free promotion and more awareness for his latest venture.

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