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Carson Wentz Gives Entire Offensive Line Expensive Christmas Gifts

Carson Wentz loves giving his offensive linemen gifts for the holidays. Back in 2016, Wentz gave his protectors customized guns. In 2017 he changed things up and gifted the big-guys customized bison boots. With his mega-contract on the horizon, Wentz went all out this year with his Christmas gifts, giving his o-line an assortment of gifts from Yeti and Bose.

Including the practice squad and injured reserve, the Eagles currently have 12 offensive linemen in the locker room, and Carson bought . The Yeti Rambler is ~$30 a piece. The t-shirt and hat are probably about $50. The Yeti Giantcomes in at ~$100. The mini Yeti cooler is ~$200. The big white Yeti cooler itself is ~$250.  And finally the Bose Soundtouchare ~$350 each. So that comes to roughly $980 per offensive lineman, which means Carson Wentz put out a little under $12,000 for gifts for his security guards.

I can only imagine what Wentz will gift his "big boys" in years to come once he gets his new contract.



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