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Carson Wentz Deserves Better

I don't think there is a quarterback in the NFL that is under more pressure than Carson Wentz. After Wentz went down with season-ending injuries the past two season, backup Nick Foles led the team to its first ever Super Bowl title and a combined four playoff wins. After that happened and the partying was over, the question arose whether or not Foles should keep the starting job and unseat the former second overall pick. The community was split right down the middle on the debate until the Eagles made the move to not re-sign Foles and instead made it clear that the team was committed to Carson Wentz with a record-breaking four-year contract extension.

This was supposed to be the season where Wentz was healthy and ready show us all he is still the guy we need, and frankly I believe he has proven a lot. What he has done this season with the lack of weapons he has has honestly been staggering. Take away the tight ends Zach Ertz and Dallas Goddert and you are left with some pretty mediocre receivers. If you've watch the team play you should've seen a lot of situations where Carson made pretty decent throws, not great throws but very catchable balls while keeping the ball out of harm's way. The receivers have just been dropping too many of those balls, which stalls the entire offense from gaining any momentum.

Still, with all of these offensive hiccups this season, Wentz (3,638) is on pace to finish with the 7th-most passing yards in a season in franchise history, while also on pace (25.6) for the 8th-most passing touchdowns in a season in Eagles history. His 1.2 interception percentage is also on pace to be the 2nd-lowest in team history.

So if you have a grievance with this team (which you really should have because honestly there is a lot to be upset about), I don't see how you can blame it all on Carson Wentz. So it's time for us all to realize that Wentz is "the" guy for the foreseeable future and root for him the entire way without looking back on Nick Foles' accomplishments. I believe he will prove to be deserving of our faith.

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