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Carson Wentz Continues to Contribute Despite Injury

Last season when Carson Wentz went down with a knee injury it was widely reported that he remained active behind the scenes, helping Nick Foles prepare for each game by participating in film sessions and being present at practice. So, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s doing the same things again this season, despite the natural frustration he must be feeling.

This is encouraging for Eagles fans for several reasons.

At present, it’s huge for Nick Foles and the Eagles to have another set of eyes taking everything in. Having Wentz provide his perspective and insight on what he is seeing in film, in practice, and during games is incredibly valuable as the team prepares and makes adjustments.

We also can’t ignore what Carson’s willingness to help the team in any capacity possible says about his character and leadership. It would be understandable if Wentz chose to step back, be less of a presence at practice, and watch games from a box rather than the sidelines. That he instead does the opposite speaks volumes, and if you think it goes unnoticed by his teammates your kidding yourself. That’s the kind of selflessness, character, and leadership you want on your football team.

Finally, it’s important to note the different perspective Wentz is able to gain from taking in these games and consecutive playoff runs from the sideline. I can’t help but think of Aaron Rodgers and his three years backing up Brett Favre, and how that experience helped him become a better quarterback despite his preference to actually be on the field.

It’s safe to say that patience paid off, and perhaps the same will be true for Wentz. Obviously, Carson wants to be out there, especially in games of this magnitude. But with Wentz handling the situation with the utmost professionalism, maybe the insights gained from being forced to see these games from a different vantage point will prove valuable in his long-term development. It almost certainly will help motivate him.

What we know for sure is that for two straight seasons the Eagles have been put in an incredibly difficult situation, one that would have caused a lot of teams to crumble. And all they’ve done is produce a Super Bowl victory and an opportunity to defend that title. Everyone involved has handled the situations in the most positive and productive way possible. And there is a very real possibility the team will be better for it in the long-term.

And maybe Carson Wentz has a future in coaching someday.

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