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Carson Wentz Catches Dez Bryant's Attention

Things did not go well for the Eagles in Tennessee on Sunday, and fans are in no mood for attempts to placate them with positivity. However, we can’t wallow over the loss forever, and regardless of how frustrating, and frankly, unacceptable, the loss was the Eagles remain in fine position at the quarter mark of the season.

So, let’s turn away from the haunting images of Week 4 and take a look at the one of the most important pieces of the big picture: The Eagles have Carson Wentz. In his second game back from injury, Wentz threw for 348 yards and two touchdowns despite getting little help from his offensive line or some of his receivers. Wentz’s performance caught the attention of Dez Bryant.

No, this isn’t some passive-aggressive way of saying the Eagles should sign Dez Bryant or trying to insinuate that there is interest from either side. It’s just to point out that Wentz has impressed someone who knows a thing or two about NFL passing games.

Yes, yesterday’s loss was incredibly tough to swallow. But let’s not lose sight of the fact that it’s one game in a very long season, and more importantly, the Eagles have something special at the most important position in the game. So, go watch some Wentz highlights and get ready to welcome the Vikings back to the Linc.

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