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C. J. Gardner-Johnson Turned Down More Guaranteed Money From Eagles Than He Got From Detroit

It's true that Howie Roseman wanted to keep C.J. Gardner-Johnson an Eagle for the foreseeable future. New details have come out that the team offered him a three-year deal (two of those years guaranteed) with a number higher than the guaranteed money the 25-year-old just got from the Detroit Lions.

It's unclear whether the Eagles also had a chance to match this one-year offer, or if CJGJ burned the bridge after what he thought was a disrespectful number the Eagles initially offered.

Either way, CJGJ and his agent gambled on the free agency market for safeties and lost. Now it's up to CJGJ to perform just as well or even better in 2023 to get a big deal next offseason. If his play declines or if he suffers a long-term injury, his career might derail without making as much money as he could have gotten from the Eagles this offseason.

The Eagles won't play the Lions this season unless it is in the playoffs, so CJGJ won't get any revenge against his former team this coming season.

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