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Burglar Yells 'Go Eagles' While Being Put in Cop Car

When walking around Philadelphia this time of year, it is commonplace to hear "go Eagles" or "go Birds" from people of all religions, races and ages. Sometimes you hear it from good-natured people, and sometimes you hear it from criminals. This time it's a criminal saying it that is making its way around the internet.

Up in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, 49-year-old Dale Sourbeck was arrestedfor breaking into a music store and stealing guitars. He was caught on surveillance and was easily identified and quickly arrested. While being put in the back of a cop car, he only had one thing on his mind - Eagles football.

Sourbeck apparently wasn't too interested in watching Sunday's game, because he is now going to have a hard time finding a way to watch while he is in Luzerne County jail.

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