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Brian Dawkins Gives His Former High School a Pre-Championship Game Speech

Remembered as one of the greatest Eagles in history, Brian Dawkins is famous for his hard-nosed style of play. However, he might be more well-known for his adrenaline-inducing pre-game speeches.

Even though he doesn't play any more, and doesn't have an active role right now in the NFL, Dawkins is still finding himself around the gridiron. Last night, Dawkins was down in Florida and was in the locker room with his former high school football team - the William Raines Vikings. Before the game he got the team together and gave a new pre-game speech that might make you want to run through a wall.

So after hearing that pre-game speech, what do you think was the result of the championship game? Well (obviously) his Vikings won their second consecutive state championship.

If the Eagles go on a late season run into the playoffs, maybe the team can bring Dawkins back just to give pre-game speeches to get the juices flowing for them.

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