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Brawl Between Packers & Eagles Fans Leads to Three Arrests

The Eagles win on Thursday night ended up being costly for some people at Lambeau Field (and not just for the people who bet on the game).

At some point during the game a fight broke out between a group of fans in the stands.

According to TMZ, the three main fighters in the brawl were all arrested, and were all charged with unlawful conduct at a public event. They all had to bail themselves out of jail and were also hit with $880 tickets. There's also a good chance that these fans will be banned from all future NFL games (although it's pretty easy to get around that 'banishment').

It's unclear what started the fight, but it's safe to assume alcohol and pride played a part in the nonsense. I guess one positive from this is that technically the Eagles fan was on top at the end of the fight, thus making him the winner. That means the Eagles are now 2-0 at Lambeau this season.



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