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Brandon Graham Stayed at Mark Wahlberg's House After Super Bowl Win

While promoting his upcoming movie, Mark Wahlberg was interviewed by Philadelphia radio host Nicole Michalik and the topic of Philadelphia and Boston sports was brought up. Wahlberg went on to mention that after the Eagles Super Bowl victory over the Patriots, Brandon Graham stayed over at his house to recover from all the celebrating.

It's clear that Wahlberg still has love for the Eagles after initially getting introduced to them by playing as Vince Papale in the 2006 movie Invincible.

In 2007 Wahlberg had his movie Shooter filmed in Philadelphia and was seen wearing an Eagles hat and jacket in the film.

Wahlberg returned to Philadelphia in 2015 when the Pope visited the city and said "Go Eagles" before introducing the Pope.

Although he remains a Boston sports fan at heart, it seems like Philadelphia sports are slowly starting to creep into Wahlberg's heart.


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