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Brandon Graham on Pace for a Career-Year

Even though the team as a whole has been struggling, there has been one bright spot on the team -- Brandon Graham has been playing the best football of his life. He currently has 7.5 sacks on the season, and is now on the path to best his career-high of 9.5 sacks (which he accomplished in 2017). Normally players get worse as they get older, but Graham has been aging like some fine wine.

Graham has always been an underrated player, part of which I think has to do with his low sacks totals year in and year out. That all changed when several injuries to the Eagles defensive line forced Graham to play in the defensive tackle spot, which gave him opportunities to barrel over interior offensive linemen.

Even though the team is on a two-game losing streak and will need to go on a lengthy winning spell to make the playoffs, Graham still has faith in his team.

With that being said, I think Graham is not only going to beat his season-high but have AT LEAST 15 sacks this season. The team is facing some weak competition, and four of the last five opponents of the Eagles have some of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. The Miami Dolphins have given up the 2nd-most sacks in the league (43), while the Washington Redskins have given up the 8th-most (36) and the New York Giants have given up the 11th-most (33). Graham will certainly be licking his chops while doing all he can to keep the team afloat.

This past offseason, Graham signed a contract extension to ensure he is here for another three years. While he is still finding ways to wreak havoc on opponents, it's good to know the Eagles will have that big grin from ear to ear on their side of the field. He may be underrated in the league but to Eagles fans, he will always be a big reason reason they have a Lombardi Trophy. So here's to Graham I hope he breaks his record he sure well deserves it.

How many sacks do you think Graham will end up with? Take our poll!

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