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Brandon Graham Has Future Pro Bowls on His Mind

He the Eagles reach the ultimate team goal in 2017, but now defensive end Brandon Graham has some personal goals in mind for upcoming campaigns (in addition to winning another Super Bowl). Graham discussed his personal goals in the locker room with media after today's OTAs:

A double-digit sack season isn't out of the realm of possibility for Graham, as mentioned above he has come close to it before. The Pro Bowl selections wouldn't be too far out of reach either. Even though he has never been named a Pro Bowler, Graham has been named as an alternate twice (2016, 2018).

If he is able to cross that double-digit sack threshold, Graham might be able to kill two birds with one stone and reach that elusive Pro Bowl he's been chasing. Although if he doesn't reach either of those personal accomplishments but wins another Super Bowl this season, I'm sure Graham wouldn't mind that outcome.

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