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Brandon Graham Buys Entire Team Throwback Starter Jackets

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Yesterday when media entered the Eagles locker room one last time before the team left for London, they noticed that every player had a cool throwback jacket in their lockers.

It was later revealed on the Eagles team website that defensive end Brandon Graham bought the entire team these jackets.

Graham explains how and why he bought the jackets for everyone:

"To kick off the trip, I bought these throwback Starter jackets for the whole team. I’ve known a guy who works for Starter since my college days at Michigan. He does stuff behind the scenes with the jackets and he sent me some gear in advance. I had my jacket for a while and liked it, so I wanted to get one for everyone on the team."

This is an extremely generous gesture from Graham. He might have gotten some type of discount from his buddy who works for Starter, but right now replicas are being sold at a retail price of $150. So if he paid for the other 71 players that are currently listed on the Eagles team website, that means he put out roughly $10,000 for these presents. If anything, the rest of the team should pick up that check for what Graham did back in February.

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