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Brandon Brooks Will Miss 2020 Season With Torn Achilles

Eagles Pro Bowl right guard Brandon Brooks tore his achilles tendon today during a workout session at the NovaCare Complex. Brooks confirmed the injury on Twitter this evening:

Brooks suffered a similar injury, a tear to the opposite achilles tendon, during the Eagles 2018 postseason loss to the New Orleans Saints and missed the playoffs last year after dislocating his shoulder against the New York Giants in Week 17.

The three-time Pro Bowler just signed a five-year contract extension during the 2019 regular season, making him the highest-paid guard in NFL history. Later this summer, Brooks will turn 31 years old, which makes it worth asking if the wear and tear on his body is slowly catching up to him. He made miraculous rehab time on both of his previous significant injuries, but three of them in three-straight seasons will certainly be a cause of concern moving forward.

As of right now, Matt Pryor is slated to be the guard who steps in Brooks' place, but there are plenty of different paths the Eagles could take with the season still three months away.

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