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Brandon Brooks and Lane Johnson Are So In Sync That It's Becoming Creepy

Since the 2016 season, the right side of the Eagles offensive line has been hard for defenses to penetrate. That was when Lane Johnson signed a five-year, $56.25 Million contract extension with the Eagles, and Howie Roseman decided to sign Brandon Brooks to an expensive five-year, $40 Million free agent deal.

It wasn't all peaches and gravy though, as both players experienced their own conflicts that season. Johnson was suspended ten-games due to PED violations, while Brooks missed two games late in the season during a division race due to anxiety issues. The future looked shaky at that point, but three years later these two players have been nothing short of other-worldly.

Johnson is now a 2x Pro Bowler and 1x All-Pro, while Brooks has also made two Pro Bowls. The two of them also protected Carson Wentz and Nick Foles enough to help claim the first Super Bowl victory in Eagles franchise history. They have both continued their success so far in 2019, and we have now learned more about what makes the tandem work.

NFL Films did a short segment on Brooks and how he has overcome his anxiety issues. In the segment, both Brooks and Johnson talked in depth about their anxiety issues, and how they have overcome those issues together.

The biggest piece of news from that segment is that we found out that both players have pre-game rituals, and those rituals involve waking up at the on game days and throw up at the exact same time. Obviously there have been some unique pre-game rituals from players throughout the NFL's 100 year history, including John Henderson's pre-game slaps to his face -- the Eagles linemen might beat that ritual though.

It's amazing to see the friendship that these two guys have created since becoming teammates in 2016. They both look out for each other and make sure they are playing the best that they possibly can. They bring out the best in each other, both on and off the field.

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